The Purpose of

This site is composed of a blog on writing, random topics, squid, octopii, and plutonic darkness; also, areas for publication of bloggers’ work.  Poetry, short stories, music, and visual art are accepted.  This is not a literary journal, nor will there be a paper publication, nor albums produced.  The only requirement for membership is a willingness to blog with a circle of fellow artists of any experience level.  Someone who wants to present some work via this site needs only to run a poem, story, photo, audio recording, or other piece of art past the blogmaster to ensure that it fits the site in some manner, however remotely connected.  Our purpose here is to enjoy reciprocity and communication with a group of individuals who want to share something of their inner worlds.  Competitiveness will be strongly discouraged in favor of cooperation.

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Submission guidelines are found on our submissions page.