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What is Plutonic Darkness?

The best way to understand this type of darkness is to spend time in the presence of a person whose soul is made entirely of it.  Original darkness, as mentioned briefly in Genesis, is like a warm blanket covering the mind and heart of a person in need of healing, rather than a state of permanent separation from all that is positive in the world.  The idea that light represents good and darkness represents evil is a relatively new concept with which the blogmaster disagrees completely.  Plutonic darkness feels so dense that it is nearly solid matter rather than a waveform.  This type of energy is named after the planet Pluto, a dwarf planet (yes, I called Pluto a planet!) at the outer reaches of our solar system.  The list below indicates why Pluto might be considered a producer of warm blankets, while Earth and the Sun are ridiculously hot.  Bear in mind that Kelvins are a measure of temperature relative to absolute zero, at which matter does not vibrate whatsoever.  In other words, matter doesn’t move at 0K.  Deep space is slightly warmer than 0K because there is a little electromagnetic radiation passing through at any given moment.

Deep Space – 2.7K

Pluto – 44K

Earth – 288K

Sun – 5778K

Cthulu Regio – An area on Pluto resembling, from a distance, a Leviathan

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’leyh wgah’nagl fhtagn